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The Challenge

Tony is a Louisiana based artist with a great story and incredible talent. However, his internet representation wasn’t doing his artwork any justice. Our goal was to help Tony re-focus his visual brand identity, give him a fresh and updated aesthetic to his online presence, and get his website up to date with the latest technologies and internet security protocols.

Social Media

The first thing we did was consolidate Tony’s social media presence. He was managing two Facebook pages and posting duplicate information on both so that he didn’t lose any followers from one or the other. We took his two pages, merged them, helped clean up the aesthetic of them, and increased his followers and reached by doing so. Now he manages one page that is consistent with his refined brand aesthetic.

Online Directories

One thing that Bernard Studio & Gallery was missing was a presence in several online directories. Ensuring that you are listed with highly credible directories can be an essential aspect of being seen as a truly professional organization and also contributes to improving your organic Search Engine Optimization.

As part of our efforts, we had Bernard Studio & Gallery listed with popular directory sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

The Website

We re-designed and re-built a completely new site with upgraded and easier to manage eCommerce capabilities and a professional new look that showcases his art as the focal point. We created a user friendly experience with an easy to navigate structure. While his old site was lacking key security components, his new site maintains the latest internet security standards.


The Old Site

How did it stack up?

Performance: 24/30
Their old site’s speed was its highest-scoring area. It had a decent load time and was fairly fast overall.

Mobile Usability: 0/20
Their old site was not responsive or optimized for mobile viewports. This means that the website did not adjust according to a user’s screen size, making it difficult for mobile or tablet users to interact with the site.

Search Engine Optimization: 10/30
SEO stands for search engine optimization. This score is based on how easy it is for search engines (such as Google) to find, read, and rank a website. A low score in this area means that your website is missing key elements that will help it rank higher in search results.

Site Security: 0/10
Their old site was missing an SSL certificate. This means that when a user would go to their website they would be greeted with a warning that says that this site is not secure and suggests that they leave. This can be an enormous roadblock in attracting site visitors.


Overall Website Score: 34%

Source: Hubspot Website Grader

The New Site

How does it stack up?

Performance: 22/30
High performance on the new site was something very important to us, but also difficult to achieve. Due to the nature of the site containing lots of large images and an online store, we had to create a delicate balance where form and function work together. This site mantains optimal speeds while not compromising the quality of images and graphics needing for displaying for this type of work.

Mobile Usability: 20/20
The new site was completely optimized for the mobile experience and now receives the highest marks possible for mobile usability.

Search Engine Optimization: 30/30
The new site holds the highest score of 30/30 for SEO. It is completely prepared to be easily found and ranked by search engines.

Site Security: 10/10
The new site is laded with an SSL certificate. Users no longer are greeted with a website security warning and can be confident in navigating the website.


Overall Website Score: 92%

Source: Hubspot Website Grader


Client Testimonial

Working with Vibrandt to update our website has been such a great experience. As we worked with them, we watched our website go to another level of professionalism. The look of our website meets or exceeds the look of national or world-renowned artist websites. It was so refreshing to have new eyes come in and give us a professional aspect that we knew we needed but did not know how to obtain. The process of going from our old to their new was a smooth transition, and we recommend them to anyone who needs a professional brand update.

Thanks, Team Vibrandt, for working tirelessly to exceed the vision of our brand. Roxie Bernard

Gallery Director, Bernard Studio & Gallery

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